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Design Your Life

Live Life Intentionally,
Consciously & Authentically

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Trust in the Magic of New Beginnings

There are many seasons of life, empty nesting, breakup, divorce, or retirement. Which one are you in? Each new season is a new beginning. It's an opportunity to design your life from where you are into what you want it to be.

Imagine walking into this next season happier, healthier, and wealthier. Rather than live life on autopilot, design it intentionally and consciously. The magic of new beginnings starts with getting to know who you are and embracing it. Discover new joys as you clarify your beliefs and values from the new you in this season. Explore the Power of the Law of Attraction and how it can positively impact your life as you embrace a new beginning. 


Develop the courage to show the world who you are. Set yourself free from the expectations of others. It's never too late to design your life and live a life of happiness because one day, a month, or a year of living your best life is better than leaving this planet and never knowing how true happiness feels. Design a life that excites you. 

Life is so beautiful when you design it yourself.

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It's all about Ease & Flow

As you start a new season in life, ease into the joyful flow of a new beginning. 
Imagine waking up every morning energized and excited about life, ready to rediscover, redefine and reignite your beautiful authentic self.
Discover and define who are you now in this season. And learn to accept yourself without judgment while cultivating greater self-love, and chasing new dreams.

Are you ready to:

  • Uncover your deepest desires

  • Discover who you want to be in this new season

  • Find your unique value that you give to the world

  • Become the best version of yourself

  • Stop living life on autopilot 

  • Live a designer life


The magic of new beginnings starts now. 

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Areas of Focus

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 Embrace Your Amazing

“Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over,

she became a butterfly.”~ Chuang Tzu

Appreciate and celebrate your new beginning. Embrace the new you. Rediscover and redefine who you are and who you want to be. Discover what makes your heart sing. Get to know your true authentic self. Open your heart & mind to discover new opportunities, and celebrate new life experiences, as you let go of one life and welcome a new one. Embrace who you are and learn how being true to you contributes to emotional health, life satisfaction, and happiness.  

Design a Fabulous Life

“When we open ourselves to desire, we open ourselves to being completely remade. ~ Regena Thomashau

Desire is the driving force of life. Let's unpack your deepest desires and create a life plan for your abundant future. Imagine a life map of 7 specific areas to help you sort things out and determine your next steps on your road to happiness.
Work with Me
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Let's Work Together

Hi there, I'm Cherrie.

I'm passionate about helping women embrace a new beginning. I love it when you connect with the needs and desires within you that don't have anything to do with anyone else.


Together, we work to detox your mind, heart, and spirit; embrace the uniqueness of who you are, and discover your deepest desires. Appreciation of self: self-acceptance, self-awareness, and self-love is the ultimate goal.

Let's have a chat and see where it goes. 

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Design Your Life Coaching

Palm Springs, CA


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